Who is Edith? 

Edith moved to Coquitlam, British Columbia with her family when she was just a teenager.

When it was time to go to law school, Edith decided to throw caution to the wind and go Down Under in 2006. Australia was so great, she not only finished her law degree, but was also called to the New South Wales Bar in December 2009. To begin her career, she practiced as a criminal lawyer with the Aboriginal Legal Services in Newcastle, NSW. This opportunity allowed Edith to gain an exceptional level of litigation experience and skill in the courtroom very early in her legal career.

Edith then went on to join NLS Law in Broadmeadow, NSW. Whilst employed with NLS Law, Edith practiced in the areas of Children’s, Family and Victims’ Compensation law, as well as conducted Civil Litigation files. She loved every minute of it.

In November 2010, Edith decided it was time to come home, to beautiful Coquitlam, British Columbia. While she was born and raised in Transylvania, Romania, her family lives in Coquitlam and she wished to be settled here with her own young family. Even though she was living in Coquitlam, due to the wonders of the internet, she was able to continue working for NLS Law remotely.

A wedding and one child later, Edith was called to the British Columbia bar in May 2014. Having practiced law in two law firms, opportunity came to start her own practice in 2016. Edith chose to do so in her local gorgeous Port Moody, British Columbia.

In her free time, Edith loves spending time with her husband, Gavin, her son, Sebastian, and her little daughter, Inara. She loves crocheting. Everyone in her family gets a crochet gift for Christmas, every year, whether they want it or not. Reading is something she does every time she has a minute to spare. She regularly watches Star Trek: Next Generation, Dr. Who and all the new Sci-Fi abounding on streaming services today.

Notable cases

Ram v. Cheta2014 BCSC 1572

Kowalchuk v. Dass2016 BCSC 1857

Joshi v. Joshi2017 BCSC 207

Saric v Banden2017 BCSC 1507

Saric v Banden2017 BCSC 1508

Kondi v Butler2019 BCSC 620