One Size Does Not Fit All

Nova Law listened to what matters to our clients – budget certainty. It is our belief that our clients take comfort in knowing how much their bill will be.

Value Based Flat Fees

Flat Fees Explained

Flat fees encourage innovation and effectiveness, while deterring redundancy and inefficiency. Quality and effectiveness are more important to us, and ultimately to our clients, than the time we spend. Our flat fee model is simple – a set fee for an agreed-upon scope of work. This can be for the preparation of a specific document, or “unbundled” legal services, which allows our clients to choose the specific legal services they want.
Flat fees ensure that our clients know upfront how much their legal bill will be. There is no need for our clients to worry about how long a phone call or a meeting lasts because we are not billing based on our time. Our flat fees include all time spent on their file unless otherwise noted or agreed.
There are several services we charge a flat fee for. Please see our Family Law page, Estate Planning page and Estate Administration page. We also offer several Bundles that allow you to save even more on your legal fees.

How it Works

When you book a consultation, you decide whether the appointment will be in-person or via Zoom. It is up to you. Before the appointment, make a list of everything you want to say and ask.
On your scheduled date, you meet with us and go over the specific facts of your matter. We will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of your case, and the various ways your matter can be solved. We believe that you are only able to act reasonably throughout the course of a legal matter if we provide you with the knowledge you require to do so.
At this time, you can choose the pricing model that suits you, and we can then enter into a billing arrangement that you prefer.

Other Pricing Models

Value Based Hourly Billing

For those clients who feel more comfortable paying on hourly basis, we still offer a modified traditional billable hour arrangement.
Our billable hourly arrangement is “modified” because we always “value-check” our accounts. This means that, in addition to ensuring that our account reflects the result achieved, we also evaluate whether the proposed account is reasonable, considering the amount at stake, the advice provided, whether the client agreed to proceed as advised, and the amount that the client ultimately gained or lost. Our goal is to ensure that our clients are satisfied that the outcome justifies the costs by which it was achieved.

Customized Arrangements

We do not profess to have thought of everything. If our client requires a customized billing arrangement that differs from those listed above, we will work to develop a plan that fits.
Please contact our offices to discuss further.

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