Your Last Will and Testament

Estate Planning puts YOU in control

You may be thinking that estate planning is only for old, rich people. Or that it is scary. Or that it is so easy you can do it yourself. Wrong! Investing a little time in planning your estate ensures that your choices and wishes are respected. In fact, making a Will can be one of the most important undertakings in a person’s life.

Here are three main reasons you should have a Will

1. Reduce stress for family and friends

Having a Will that informs your family and friends of your final wishes lifts the burden from your family by relieving the decision-making pressure at a time of grief and emotional stress. This allows your family and friends to focus on celebrating your life and begin the grieving process.

2. Make financial arrangements

You worked hard to accumulate everything you have, and a Will lets you decide what happens to it after you’re gone. Whether you want to prepay for services or simply have your wishes prepared for later payment, establishing your budged and considering your financial arrangements is important. In addition, a properly drafted Will can ensure that your family is adequately provided for in the event something happens to you. A Will can direct that certain family members or friends shall receive specific assets or cash gifts, that a trust be established for the benefit of those people, or that some of your estate be donated to charity.  The possibilities are nearly endless.

3. Let your wishes be known

You can be sure that your family and friends are informed about your funeral wishes, whether it is a traditional service and burial or a cremation and scatter. In addition, it can determine who will be the guardian of your infant children and how they will be supported financially to adulthood.  Your pets are part of your family and you want to make sure they’re taken care of.

Do you need a Lawyer to make my Will?

There are rules and formalities that must be followed no matter how simple the Will, or the Will may not be valid. For these reasons, we highly recommend you make the Will with a lawyer. Also, specific details that you may not think to include, or not realize to include, make seeking professional help to create the document desirable. Call us as we can ensure that your wishes will be made clear and implemented without being misinterpreted.

How much does it all cost?

There are certain matters where we are able to charge a flat fee, such as drafting a Last Will and Testament. We offer discounts for estate planning packages. Please see our Value Based Flat Fees page for the types of services we will charge flat fees for.

Who shall I talk to?

Please contact our offices to discuss further. We are happy to help.

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